Driveway Repair Made Easy with The Gravel Doctor®


Innovation meets cutting-edge green technology with The GRAVEL DOCTOR®, a gravel resurfacing system that is revolutionizing driveway and roadway maintenance.  At the heart of the system is The GRAVEL DOCTOR®, a unique machine that recycles, levels and restores gravel roads, gravel driveways and other unpaved surfaces quickly and economically.

The Gravel Doctor® scarifies, remixes, spreads and levels existing gravel or new materials, instantly compacting it into a rut resistant surface. Potholes, ruts, weeds and grass are immediately removed and replaced by a smooth aesthetically pleasing surface that maintains the existing grade. The Gravel Doctor® can landscape, reshape and completely renovate most un-paved surfaces – it’s fast, highly maneuverable and exemplifies the best in green technology.

The unit is versatile and highly maneuverable compared to heavy road construction machinery because it operates in both forward and reverse. It is particularly efficient operating in areas under 1,000 linear feet and areas adjacent to buildings and curbs where traditional equipment cannot access. Larger sizes can be custom built.

Best of all, there is NO direct competition to The GRAVEL DOCTOR® in the current marketplace. Tractors, bulldozers and road graders are considered indirect competition because, unlike The GRAVEL DOCTOR® system, these traditional machines scrape the surface only.


THE GRAVEL DOCTOR® machine is:

  • Extremely simple to operate. We provide the training.
  • Controls grades precisely.
  • Accurately controls elevations
  • Easily removed to accommodate other attachments.
  • Available in 4’6” to 8’ sizes
  • Designed to mount on a Category One 3-point hitch on a compact 4-wheel tractor
  • Has low capital and operating costs
  • A proven design – has been in use 25 years with no structural failures evident
  • Is recognized as a recycling system – your “unique selling point” as a certified green business
  • Meets or exceeds environmental laws, standards and practices
  • Removes grass and weeds without chemicals

Gravel Driveway Services Northern Colorado

Drop us a line anytime, Gravel Driveway Services Northern Colorado. Fully restores, compacts and smoothes driveways, roadways, and parking lots. Potholes and ruts are completely eliminated. Northern Colorado, Loveland, Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Greeley, Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas.